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          Do I need to audition?

The Choral Society of NEPA operates under the guidance of two principal philosophies: “Artistry through Opportunity” and “Excellence through Education.” In short, if you love singing and choral music, can match pitch, and are willing to work hard, then we want you to be a part of our musical family.

          But do I need to read music?

While that skill is always a plus, we don’t require or even expect it. We employ professional section leaders at all rehearsals/performances, and provide audio recordings to assist the learning of more difficult pieces.


New members are always welcomed at the start of each fall and spring semester. We suggest that you (1) look over our rehearsal/performance calendar and if it looks doable , then simply attend one of the first two rehearsals, borrow a set of music, join the vocal section where you think you will be most comfortable singing, and “audition” us. If you enjoy yourself, consider that to be a good omen and speak with the director at the conclusion of the rehearsal. They will ask you to declare any conflicts you foresee with the rehearsal/performance schedule, and perhaps guide you in singing some simple scales (to determine your vocal range and color) and allow you to sing some of the musical passages you just rehearsed if needed to insure you’re singing the part that best suits your voice. That’s it!

New singers are invited to join us for their first semester free-of-charge; no tuition need be paid, though the music must still be purchased.

Continuing members thereafter pay per-semester tuition of $75.00 to help underwrite the cost of director, accompanist, those professional section-leaders, and rehearsal space. In return, each paying member receives 2 tickets to a society-produced concert of their choice. Members also purchase and retain their own musical scores at a per-semester cost of $ 15.00 – $25.00. Women also purchase a required black “top” to wear in performance with black slacks or long skirt of their choice while men wear tuxedo or black suit with a black bow tie.

Attendance is expected at all rehearsals, dress rehearsals, and performances, though prior conflicts will be considered for approval by the director when they are reasonable and declared before the start of each semester. Any member who misses more than two rehearsals may be asked by the director to either step aside from the performance or demonstrate their mastery of the music.